The Beginnings

Welcome to Coherent Acoustic Systems, brand custodian of Vivid Audio speakers: the superlative in loudspeaker design and manufacture.  Since the year 2000 Vivid Audio has been pioneering unique and patented technologies aimed at transforming ordinary listening experiences into acoustic performances unchartered by any other loudspeaker.

Hidden away in the South African coastal city of Durban, two world class engineers Laurence Dickie formerly of B&W and Philip Guttentag have been designing, manufacturing and distributing a range of loudspeakers that defy most industry norms.

The process of composition utilises materials which are sourced from countries around the world, ensuring that no compromise is made where quality is concerned. All components are put through rigorous structural and acoustic quality testing before despatch, resulting in a lengthly guarantee. Vivid Audio’s loudspeakers are also suitable for studio monitoring because of their exceptional accuracy and resolving powers.

Vivid Audio’s organic designs are highly distinctive and individual yet easy on the eye and aptly suited to a wide variety of home settings. A combination of aesthetic structuring and technical excellence where form follows function is what sets these products aside from the rest. Available in a state of the art colour palette, the quality of material used in the manufacturing process allows these world class loudspeakers to compete amongst the best.

A product like none other, we invite you to explore the preeminent world of Vivid Audio.




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